About Nina Shiva

The brand and the designer behind.

"For the wild woman"

We learn how to breathe from the wind and fall from the rain.
To follow the current and go against it.
We are water, we are fire, we are the daughters of our Mother Earth.
Nomads, like the waves of the sea.
Inspired and driven by the forces of nature, we walk this earth with confidence, genuine self love and patience.
We spread our light and embrace it because we've also seen the shadows.
Let these golden pieces be a reminder, a window and an amulet for the wild woman within.

Handmade in Florence, Italy


Artist, goldsmith, traveler, producer and boss.

Born in Italy, of Persian descent and based between Florence and Tulùm, Nina is the daughter of architects and granddaughter of goldsmiths.

In 2005 after spending more time with her Persian grandfather she reconnected with her golden roots. Her grandfather passed on a legacy of passion for jewels and shortly after she joined the Accademia Metallo Nobile (Noble Metal Academy) in Florence, where she became a jeweler, studying and practicing specific Florentine craftsmanship techniques.

After finishing her studies she traveled to Mexico where her life changed. Influenced by new shapes and colors, the brand Nina Shiva was born.

Her artistic vision came to life after embracing the beauty of cultural exchange, new landscapes, a new insight and deep connection with the nature around her.

Shiva does not rule the world, he dances with it, in harmony, led by its timeless pulse.