My life in the lab

For us goldsmiths, the laboratory is a place where to realize your own desires and those of the customer starting from with the inspiration, the design, the search for the materials to be used, ending with the creation of handmade jewellery.

Creating a jewel is an intrinsic path complicated by of several procedures involving a lot of manual work. The beauty resides in being able to handcraft an idea, a desire with your own hands, and see the customer's satisfaction in his look .

This is the best part of my work, being able to convey emotions through the processing of precious and semi-precious materials such as silver, gold, brass, copper and bronze.

We also deal with gemmology and we use different stones(gems) from all over the world in order to create & customize jewellery for our customers.

"The laboratory for me is like a wonderland for Alice, an enchanted place where everything is possible."